Country Builders takes great pride in customer satisfaction. It only makes perfect sense that, when it comes to improvements to your home, you deserver the best quality, best service, and fair pricing.

I invite you to call my direct line at (559) 259-3534 anytime so that I can do everything possible to ensure a great experience working with us to help your home be an even nicer home!

Ted Williams, President

Customer Testimonials

Jamie Champ: “The workers were great. the whole experience was seamless. All the guys were easy to work with and very professional. I like the local feel and Ted had the best prices. Everything was great from start to finish.”

Joe Gonzales: Country Builders was the best company that’s ever worked on my house. I love these guys.

MBB: The reduction of outside noise is real noticeable. We’re very pleased.

SB: I notice our heater and ac don’t kick on as much as before. It works and Ted Williams was great to work with. Professional crew too.

Junior: The new windows went it without any problems. I was a little concerned but everything they promised happened.

TB: I don’t know how they removed my old windows without breaking one piece of glass. Unreal. The house looks so much nice and is way more quiet and comfortable inside. Thanks 110% Ted.